Top Tips

Ladies spinning techniques

By far the most commonly asked question I receive in my classes.

The answer....frustratingly is, practise makes perfect but here are few pointers to help you on your way.

  • Knees bent - always keep your knees slightly bent and stay grounded.
  • Keep your back straight, don't lean forward or to the side and maintain you chin parallel to the dance floor.
  • Use your arms (or arm when dancing with a partner) keep you arms at waist level, like resting your arms on the side of a chair when sitting down, pull back then release, just like those kiddies car toys :-)
  • When pushing off for your spin, twist rather than launching yourself. This is the most common problem and always results in toppling over. A big launch tilts the body to one side, your foot is to far off the ground and the bosy rises up.
  • Spot as you spin, for ever 360 turn spot at your starting place, that could be your partner a focal point on the wall or when practising in the mirror - yourself! This will stop the disorientation.
  • keep both if your feet as close to the floor and together as possible, with the right shoes you can actually spin on both feet, one as your spinning foot and the other to hold balance.